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Errors And Omissions  Insurance Quotes

Errors & Omissions Insurance (also called E&O, EO and Professional Liability Insurance) helps protect your company or professional practice from risks not typically covered by your general commercial liability policy. E&O is a businessperson’s version of the malpractice insurance taken out by medical practitioners and lawyers. Errors & Omissions insurance is an essential part of your comprehensive business insurance portfolio, whether you work from an office or out of your home. If you are just starting a company, you would be wise to purchase E&O coverage before you open for business. If you already have a policy, you should review it periodically to make sure it is up to date. As your business expands, it’s a wise idea to increase your coverage limits and reduce your exposure to claims.

You can get quotes for E&O insurance using the form shown at the top of this page.

Who Needs Errors & Omissions Insurance?

You need E&O insurance coverage if:

  • Your clients or investors require it as a condition of doing business with you
  • Your trade association requires you to carry it as a condition of membership
  • You manufacture a product or provide a service for a fee
  • You or your employees provide advice or services that could result in a lawsuit or financial loss for your client due to any alleged error, omission, negligence or wrong-doing on your part
  • You have personal assets that could be jeopardized if a client sued you

What Errors & Omissions Risks Do You Face?

Your clients count on you to know the laws and regulations regarding the product or service you provide. No matter how careful you are, you or an employee or subcontractor could make a mistake that results in financial loss to a client and a lawsuit for you.  Potential claims can stem from advice you give a client, errors in materials you specify, inadvertent or intentional disclosure of a client’s confidential information – in short, any negligence or mistake or your part that has a negative effect on a client’s business or customers. Even if you aren’t at fault, defending yourself against a suit could mean financial ruin for you and your business. Without errors and omissions insurance, you could be forced to sell off your personal assets to repay your clients. You would also have to pay for your own defense and any costs associated with a judgment against you.

What Does Errors & Omissions Insurance Cover?

Your errors and omissions insurance covers financial losses and the costs and damages resulting from law suits up to the limit of your policy. It protects your business and personal assets from claims of wrongful acts (errors, omissions or negligence) committed by you or an employee while performing professional duties. It also covers the losses that happen to others in the exercise of your professional judgment. It may also cover you for work lost in shipping. It is also possible to purchase optional riders and endorsements tailored to your specific business, such as Media Liability and Network Security Liability. E&O insurance is a supplement to (and does not replace) Commercial Liability Insurance, Employment Practices Insurance or Directors and Officers Insurance (if your business requires that coverage).

Affordable Quotes For Errors & Omissions Insurance

Policies for E&O insurance are affordably priced, however your quotes will depend on a number of factors. These can include the size and type of your business, where your operation is located, your previous claims history and loss experience, staff turnover, financial results, operating characteristics and any optional riders or endorsements you add.

It pays to shop for E&O insurance. You can get competitive quotes from one or more professional liability insurance companies by completing the form at the top of this page. If you do not wish to purchase coverage now, please leave your policy expiration date on the form provided. When your expiration date is closer, you will be contacted so that you can comparison shop for Errors & Omissions insurance at that time.

Protect your business from exposure to risk. Gets quotes for E&O insurance now.

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