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Huawei Mate X Unveiling a foldable Smartphone with 5G Technology at $2607



Huawei Mate foldable 2019 release date 2

– Chinese tech company Huawei to begin Distribution of Huawei Mate X

– Huawei Mate X has foldable and 5G technology

Peoples Daily China Brands on Wednesday revealed that Huawei has unveiled a new smartphone with the latest technologies on Sunday. In the report, the newly released Huawei Mate X is a 5G technology and foldable inclusive.

Meanwhile, in 2019 Consumers Electronic Conference CEC, Samsuhasave recently showcased a similar technology with a foldable smartphone giving the impression to first announced the technology.

However Chinese tech company, Huawei on Sunday unveiled its Mate X, a foldable and 5G ready smartphone that will retail for 2,299 euros ($2,607).  The smartphone is not yet in distribution. Rumors also gathered that the flagship smartphone is expected to be available to the public by summer.

Huawei Mate foldable 2019 release date 2 Huawei Mate foldable 2019 release date 2

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